Every branding project needs a solid foundation.

A versatile, well-designed logo is the starting place of most design projects. I design unique, targeted logos designed to attract your specific audience. A logo needs first to differentiate you from any other business in your marketplace and also immediately set the tone for your brand. It also needs to solve the problem of any new business: how to communicate your core values – fast.
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Terra Kerani has walked an eclectic path that weaves together art, design, marketing, and holistic health. She was raised in the Métis prairie heartland of Saskatchewan (Scottish, Polish, Irish and Swampy Cree ancestry) and spent a few formative years in India living in an international spiritual community. Her interests include supporting environmental organizations, businesses and community organizations with impactful communication design. Terra’s most recent training is as a Life Coach with an emphasis on holistic balance of body, mind, soul and spirit. She holds an honours degree in Communication Studies (Laurentian University) and a diploma in Graphic Design (Cambrian College). She is also a tech wiz and enjoys patiently guiding clients through the process of understanding and executing their essential online communication. She helps entrepreneurs reach more clients through communication design, digital marketing & strategic business coaching.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~ Anaïs Nin

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