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Holistic Coach & Communication Designer


Hi! I’m Terra Kerani. I am a graphic designer and life coach. I create insightful branding & marketing and help you to clear any obstacles that can block your success. It is my intention to help you align fully with your highest vision for yourself so that you can attract more clients, engage more people and create a meaningful impact on the world.
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What I offer

1) I create graphic design for businesses and community organizations, specializing in environmental organizations.
2) I offer holistic coaching (personal and business) – in person, via Skype and over the phone.
3) I offer workshops delivered to groups and teams on such topics as:
– Holistic living with an emphasis on self-care, soul-care and work-life integration
– Holistic marketing strategies that align your heart, mind and soul with your business mission
– ‘Walking the Sacred Path of the Soulopreneur’ workshop and follow up 6-month group coaching program
– ‘Leap into the New Year with Passion, Purpose, Clarity & Ease’ future visioning workshop

How can I help?

Just starting out? I can help you with individual coaching including goal setting and accountability so that you can create a business that truly reflects your values and expresses your unique value to the world.

Business up and running? I can help you with insightful graphic design that resonates with your business mission and brings your highest vision into practical and concrete form.

Let’s get started. Contact me for a free 20-minute Discovery Call, to help you determine your next best step toward your goals.

My Story

I launched my business in 2004 and serve clients remotely and locally from my home base in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I have a degree in communication studies (Laurentian University) and a diploma in graphic design (Cambrian College). I have won several awards for my work including a Good Design Award (2012) for the rebranding of Verdicchio Ristorante & Enoteca, Sudbury. The ‘Hands On’ brochure for Northern College, Timmins was chosen by jury for inclusion in Design @ Work Exhibition 2005 hosted by RGD Ontario. Plus the companion course calendar was awarded a Trillium Award for best Full-Time Calendar by College Committee for Advancement.

In addition to my practical skills as a designer, I have a passion for integrating entrepreneurship with spirituality. Building a business from scratch can be an amazing opportunity for self-discovery and soul growth. My training as a Spiritual Life Coach has inspired me to offer a hybrid service – Holistic Business Coaching. This approach incorporates all that I have learned over the past 11 years as a design and marketing consultant with spiritual values (with a non-sectarian, interfaith approach that can be adapted to your specific beliefs). If desired, I can also incorporate intuitive arts and healing modalities that can help to clear the underlying blocks to your success.

I’m excited to be expanding into this new area while continuing to serve and protect Mother Earth by serving the environmental community with design and marketing. I feel that the health and future of our planet is very much dependant upon the health of individuals and the ability to put their heart and soul into all that we do.

10 honest and quirky truths about me:

1) I’m Métis from Saskatchewan with a delightful ancestral mix of Scottish, Irish, Polish and Swampy Cree ancestors.
2) My core astrology signs are: Taurus sun, Gemini moon and Gemini rising.
3) I love to dance, pretty much any type. Jig, polka, powwow, ceili, sacred circle dancing. I can feel that all my ancestors love and appreciate it when I dance!
4) I love sacred geometry and all sorts of oracle cards. They are such a great tool for gaining insight into our patterns and energy.
5) I get very strong impressions and messages from my guides, angels & ancestors. I try to listen to this guidance as often as possible.
6) I love to drum and sing (using my Aboriginal grandmother hand drum). Drumming inherently healing and is great for clearing blockages in the body and chakras (energy centres).
7) Intuitive painting focuses me and connects me to Spirit. Like all sincere soul passions, I sometimes struggle to commit to this practice on a regular basis.
8) I’m multi-passionate. Creative writing was my first love, and photography my second… come to think of it… printmaking – third and pottery – forth… not enough room here to list them all! But I keep sensing that amateur stand-up comedy could be on the horizon! 😉
9) I’m very versatile with my skills. I love to tackle a variety of projects that keep me learning and growing. Everything from making logos, to creating strategy plans and practical logistics to get stuff done!
10) I am an resourceful and incessant researcher that continues to learn about the discipline to create more than I consume.

I could go on, but then there would be nothing left to talk about when we meet or have a chat!

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