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Holistic Life Coaching

Would you like to make changes your personal or professional life? Holistic Life Coaching can help you gracefully make transitions and changes in your life by assessing the underlying beliefs that are standing in your way and supporting your success with regular coaching sessions. When appropriate, modalities the may be used are oracle cards, astrology, creative exercises, and sound healing practices. I can assist you on your path to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Coaching is a co-creative process that is designed to support your full potential & empower you.

Holistic Life Coaching – $80 Intake session + $80 Follow up session + Customized coaching plan

Holistic Business Coaching

Do you want to design a business that also nourishes your soul? A holistic business is one that reflects who you truly are and allows you the freedom to express yourself at a deep level. Explore and discover your path and set achievable goals with the help of Holistic Business Coaching.

Holistic Business Coaching – $80 Intake session + $80 Follow up session + Customized coaching plan

Business Boost – Free Coaching Call

Could your business use a little boost today?  Apply for a FREE 20 minute Coaching call and you will: 1. Gain a greater sense of clarity about what is going on within you and your business. 2. Develop a clear vision of what it is that you really want to have happen in your business. 3. Identify the #1 thing stopping you from growing your business. 4. Complete this consultation with a clear action step you can take right away to boost your business. This is my gift to you! Sign up today.


Coaching & consulting offered by Terra Kerani is not intended as legal or medical advice. Coaching is a co-creative process that is designed to empower you to make your own choices. Always consult with a professional Lawyer prior to making business changes or launching a new business. Any consulting advice provided is strictly open to your own personal interpretation. As a Client, you accept to take 100% responsibility for your actions and Terra Kerani is in no way responsible or liable for any outcomes that may be perceived as coming from information you receive as a result of the coaching/consulting session.

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