Where our attention flows, energy goes. You know the age old saying 🙂 In this workshop we ask the question, “Where does the Energy want to flow for me in the year ahead.”
Using a form of automatic writing and showing up with a calm and open mind, we will invite our inner guidance and our higher self to guide and ‘Doodle our Destiny.’ Protective intention will precede our process, of course, and we will keep all our faculties and wits about us at all times! Both right and left brain activities will engage and inform our creative process.

But to demystify the whole thing… we basically will get together, get focused, guzzle hot tea, chat, doodle and share what we want to see show up in our lives in 2017! It’s fun and easy way to focus on your wishes and dreams, while making it real by them a voice and a timeline. Sometimes something even a few unexpected surprises emerge too! 😀

We will also take some time at the beginning of the workshop to discuss the basic principles of manifesting, and I will offer a straight-forward 10-step process that you can use anytime to attract the life of your Doodle Dreams! See you at the Tree!
♥ Terra, Holistic Life Coach

Workshop name: Doodle your Destiny
Where: Tree of Life North workshop room – 1375 Regent St, Unit 2B
When: Monday Jan 16 from 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm
Workshop fee $45.
All doodle supplies provided.

To Register:
1) Pay in person with cash only at the Tree of Life North
705-671-2000. 1375 Regent St. S. Unit 2B
2) Contact Terra directly to register and pay with digital $$
Credit card, PayPal or E-transfer to : info@terradesigns.ca

Here’s to your best year ever! ♥ Terra Kerani