fungus free foodieFungus-Free Foodie talk
with Terra Kerani, Holistic Coach

Learn the basic principals of becoming a Fungus-Free Foodie!
Why become a fungus-free foodie? To potentially reduce inflammation in the body and allow your innate healing mechanism chance to do its work.

This is a chance to share my personal journey toward wellness, after health challenges. My intent is to have a fun, informal discussion about how to make paleo-style clean eating the foundation of your healthy lifestyle.

Free talk  (donations will be gratefully accepted toward a new book project)
Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Tree of Life North : Complementary Healing Centre
1375 Regent St. S. Unit 2B, Sudbury ON

Email: for more info
or call Terra : 705-929-1829

About Terra Kerani, Holistic Coach
Terra Kerani has walked an eclectic spiritual path. She was raised in the Métis prairie heartland of Saskatchewan (Scottish, Polish, Irish and Swampy Cree ancestry) and then spent a few formative years in India living in an international spiritual community. Terra’s soul path calls her to connect in a deeper way with people as an intuitive, facilitator and a ‘Coach for Courageous Change Makers’. Her world-view seeks to embrace all that she has learned from art, astrology, earth-based spirituality, meditation, sacred geometry, sound healing & aboriginal spirituality.

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