This workshop is for people who wish to take a holistic, soul-centred approach to goal & intention setting. Open to anyone, and excellent for ‘Soulopreneurs’, who want to envision their best business year yet. This is a chance to take some time to get your dreams down on paper and create the accountability structure you need to succeed.

Date: Tues. Jan 26, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Location: Tree of Life North, 1375 Regent St. S. Unit 2B
Fee : $40 (deposit of $20 cash only at the Tree)
Call Tree of Life North to register : 705-671-2000
Or email and e-transfer payement to :

If this date has passed, please contact Terra to be placed on a wait list for the next workshop date.

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Workshop benefits and hands-on activities include :
1. Review the events and themes from 2015 with the intention of gratitude for all that has occurred. Releasing meditation.
2. Review of holistic self-care/soul-care model and personal energy check-in.
3. Create a mind map for 2016. Identify themes and goals.
4. Focus on key objectives, emotional goals, affirmations.
5. Envision what your soul is calling you toward in 2016.
6. Create daily, weekly, monthly system to achieve your top goal.
7. Get clarity on your next best steps to move you forward right away.
The core message for this workshop is that the key to success is to focus on daily, weekly and monthly ‘gates’ or systems, rather than big end goals. If our systems and structures are in place, we will easily achieve our goals. It is all dependent on our ability to set up self-care and soul-care systems that nourish our holistic lifestyle.

Passion is fire.
Purpose is earth.
Clarity is air.
Ease is water.

Please comment below if this vision resonates with you and if you would be interested in attending. Namaste, Terra Kerani