Portal magic time! Nov 11 at 11:11 is being heralded as a special moment, and indeed it is, by our collective intention. In preparation for a potent New Moon in Scorpio, let’s meditate upon what we are seeking to Transform within and in the world around us. Remember that the triple symbology for Scorpio is scorpion, eagle and phoenix! The memory of our soul’s immortality and capacity to die and be reborn in an endless cycle of growth and transformation is Scorpio’s ‘raison d’être’, it’s reason for being.

Scorpio draw in, and is a receptive time of deep reflection and getting in touch with our senses, feelings and inner knowing. Stepping back and contemplating core life issues such as death, life and rebirth in the cycle of nature and in our lives is the fertile ground of Scorpio. Decay, decomposition and the preparation of the soil with the promise of a new spring is also food for thought at this time of year.

It is a beginning of a cycle, just as much as it is an end. May this New Moon in Scorpio offer up much richness of turning inward and soulful searching for what lies ahead in the cycle to come.
~ Terra Kerani