It’s the sacred mound (hump day!) of the Solstice-Christmas week. Time to slow down, rest and reflect on the year quickly passing away. Today we are half way between the Winter Solstice (Dec 21), the longest time of the year and the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day (Dec 25). There is bare a week left before we greet the new babe of 2016.

So many sacred portals are all clustered at this time of year calling us to bring in more light and more love into our relationships, work and lives. If we can give our selves a little time and space at this busy time of year, these are opportunities to call to mind what we truly value and what we are grateful for. The sun has now shifted into the more somber sign of Capricorn in stark contrast from jovial Sagittarius. At this time many people’s thoughts turn toward all that is to be accomplished as well as our hopes and dreams for the next annual cycle. Christmas this year marks the full moon in Cancer, a perfect time to focus and delight in family, friends, hearth and home.

Have you sensed the shift to a quieter more reflective state that this season brings? Through all the noise, hustle & bustle of the ‘spending season’ there is a deeper call for solitude, quiet and repose. In goddess-speak, the dark Mother calls us to rest and rejuvenate ourselves within her cauldron of life where all wounds can be healed and all lost parts of our Soul can be restored.

Try this little exercise… close your eyes and allow all the images, sensations and memories of the past year to float up in your mind. But don’t let any of them take you away from the present moment ~ they are just thoughts and no longer have power over you. As each rise to the surface of your mind choose a method that makes you smile to bless them and release them, one-by-one. Perhaps you can touch them with a magic wand, or surround them in a pink light of unconditional love. Toss flower petals upon them or even pour maple syrup on them ~ whatever works! Set a timer for 10 minutes and allow your mind to play with these memories and images. Practice sending gratitude out for each and every one without judgement. When you feel complete, slowly wiggle your toes and fingers, and open your eyes knowing that you have blessed and released what 2015 has brought to you and all your many reactions, feelings and experiences.

Now you are ready to embrace the New Year with a clear heart and mind! May your 2016 be blessed. ~ Terra Kerani


Terra Kerani Terra Kerani is a holistic coach, designer & intuitive artist. Her mission is to help holistic ‘soulopreneurs’ connect with their ideal clients by integrating spiritual approaches with solid business strategy.