Well, it’s high time that I begin sharing my thoughts and musings about some of my favourite subjects ~ spirituality, soul care, business and healing. And so I decided to launch a new workshop (you can read all about it on my ‘events’ page). It’s called “Walking the Sacred Path of the Soulopreneur.” What got me going on this has been at least a 2 year journey of personal soul-searching and yearning to find a deeper purpose for my business and to have a great impact people I am working with. I have spent the last 11 years working with business owners, organizations and solopreneurs, helping them with their branding, marketing, etc. but something was missing. I wasn’t finding a way to express my more spiritual side with my clients. So I started on a quest to redefine who I am projecting that I am, and embrace a much more authentic way of being, speaking and sharing about myself. The results have been an overwhelming difference in my own personal sense of connection with my clients and I have started to attract more and more clients that are a better fit for me than I ever did in the past. The pressure is off to pretend to be anyone but who I really am, and that is such a huge relief! So the next step on my sacred path is to share even more in this upcoming workshop, and I am so excited!